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Lisa Shea Weddings and Courtships author Lisa Shea was brought up on tales of true love conquering all obstacles. From Tristan and Isolde in history to Aragorn and Arwen in fantasy, from Tomoe and Kiso in Japan to Elizabeth and Darcy in England, Lisa spent her formative years immersed in tales of love, romance, longing and contentment. Lisa's innate curiosity drove her to travel and explore. She became fascinated with how courtship traditions were molded by their environment and culture. She roamed the woods of New England, imagining life as a pre-colonial Native American. She climbed the steep steps of Chichen Itza in Mexico, mused in the misty shadows of Stonehenge, ambled down the quiet country lanes of Ukraine, gazed out from stonework bridges over the canals of Venice. In each location she became immersed in the sights, sounds, and distinct languages of love which echoed from each secluded cloister.

Lisa's educational training was in computers and database development. In the early days of the web she began developing a "romantic help" website,, which she filled with tens of thousands of tips on how to live a richly romantic life. She drew from her years of research and travel to fill the site with information from every culture, with advice from every era of history. Almost immediately her visitors began clamoring for country-specific books which they could read and be inspired by. The highest volume of interest came from visitors interested in the Irish culture, followed by Italy and France.

As a result, Lisa worked on all three books at once. She compiled her notes on courtships, flowers, recipes, songs, wedding and marriage traditions for these three fascinating areas of the world. Writing these books was a joy. Describing the Blarney Stone took Lisa back to her visits to Ireland, watching the sun spread its warming rays over a patchwork of green fields. She fondly remembered her days in Italian wine country, taking a break on the edge of a burbling fountain and watching couples stroll hand-in-hand across the square. The cafes in Paris were always a special treat for Lisa, relaxing over a fragrant meal, enjoying long discussions with friends while the world slowly unspooled on the avenue beyond. Each of these cultures has a long, wonderful tradition of romance and friendship which we can learn a great deal from.

Finally the books were complete:

Weddings & Courtships - Ireland
Weddings & Courtships - France
Weddings & Courtships - Italy

All three books are currently available for purchase. Each one holds a wealth of first-hand knowledge for anyone interested in the traditions, foods, drinks and histories of these cultural groups. Readers can decorate their homes, read the poetry, enjoy the recipes and envelop themselves in the lifestyles described. Each book even provides a fully detailed movie list of films shot in the locations, so readers can have a "virtual visit" from the comfort of their living room!

Lisa is currently working on an epic undertaking - a book covering the Wedding & Courtship traditions of Native American cultures. This is a labor of love, encompassing not just one culture but hundreds. In geography the book spans the entire sweep of the United States landscape, from the barren deserts of the South West to the snow-filled mountains of Maine. No two tribes are alike. Some tribes practiced matriarchy and strict monogamy, while other tribes encouraged multiple partners and "free love". Lisa has criss-crossed the continent many times in her quest to document, photograph and understand each aspect of the Native American lifestyle to make this book her best yet.

Be sure to check back regularly, to learn of the next books in this informative and entertaining series! We can all use a little romance and courtship in our worlds.

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Weddings and Courtships Series by Lisa Shea
Irish Weddings and Courtships
Italian Weddings and Courtships
French Weddings and Courtships

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