Native American Wedding Traditions Book

Photo taken by Lisa Shea

I have been working on my book about Native American wedding traditions for over ten years. I’m a person who can normally write a book in just a few months! Why is this taking so long?

One answer is that there are just so many tribes out there. When I write about Irish traditions, it’s just one small country. Sure, there are variations between Galway and Limerick, but they’re all still part of one main culture. In comparison, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Native American tribes with ways of life which can vary quite drastically. Some are primarily hunters. Some are primarily farmers. Some have family life centered around a mother. Some around the father. To write just one book about all of those different traditions is quite daunting.

Also, I love Native American museums. There are so many of them, and each one has amazing items on display! I could keep visiting them forever.

What I have to do is just call what I’m working on version 1. I can then come out with new versions as I add in more information. But I should at least get published what I currently have, so people can read and comment on that. And then I can move forward!


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