Getting Married in May

Getting Married in April might seem simply ideal. There are cherry blossoms in the air. The beautiful gentle breezes. Warm sunshine. Lots of flowers.

So why is it that in the traditional set of Irish sayings about months we have:

Marry in the month of May,
you will surely rue the day.


However, the Irish were a practical lot. They knew that May was an INCREDIBLY busy time for farmers. It was when everything had to be planted. Tended to. Cared for. The last thing a person should be doing in May is wandering off for days to just party. Never mind throwing a party that would cause every other farmer to come and join them!

The Irish wanted to make sure that May was dedicated to the planting season. It was after all that hard work was done that the celebrations could begin!

In our modern times, most of us aren’t farmers, so we don’t have the same kind of restraints. So if you’re marrying in May, do not despair. We can treasure our older traditions without being bound by them. We can know that the original farmers slaved day and night to keep their farms going. We can be grateful that for most of us, times are a bit easier and we have the blessing of being able to Marry in May.

So think of it in that way. It’s a blessing. We have a life we can treasure.


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