Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day comes but once a year! Here are some ways to make this year extra special.

Special Night At Home – You’ve probably heard all the nightmare stories about dinners gone wrong at restaurants. The places are packed tight and servers are stressed. Don’t have your special evening destroyed by an overworked restaurant. Even if you do take-out, make it a special night in with candles, music, and just you two. You can always go out on another night when the crowds are away.

Make a Card – All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. Instead of relying on Hallmark or someone else to churn out cookie-cutter thoughts, write out three things you love most about the person. It will be far more meaningful!

Bring Live Flowers – Cut flowers wilt and fade, which is definitely not a romantic look. Get a small potted rose plant or something else which will live on in a window. It’ll bring joy all year round.

Think Daily Use – So often people get gifts which, while cute, sit on a shelf and are rarely looked at. Think up a gift which will be in their heart every day. A coffee mug with their favorite painting. An engraved wine glass. Something which brings joy to them on a regular basis.

Make a Difference – Gifts are nice, but most of the time what really matters is the offering of time. Have they been dreaming of visiting the beach? Make the time to take them there. Is the screen door rattle driving them nuts? Figure out a way to fix it. Sometimes those investments of time can mean the world.

Think Beyond Today – Valentine’s Day comes and goes. A relationship is tended to with regular care. Let them know on Valentine’s Day about one thing you’d like to do with them in the near future. Give them something fun to look forward to.

Listen – So often we can get caught up in our smartphones and devices and our own thoughts. Take this one day to listen. Really listen. Pay attention to what your partner is saying and show it.

Help Others – Study after study shows that when we help others, our own happiness levels go up. Do you love animals? Volunteer at a local animal shelter. Love kids? Find a way to help kids in your area. This will bring you both joy and bring you closer together.

Turn Off Social Media – Sure, maybe make that one post to celebrate your sweetie. Then put the phone down. Make this day about you and your partner. Focus on each other.

Relax – this is one day out of 365 in a year. Marketing agencies have used it to sell jewelry, but relationships are about treasuring every day. Find a way to infuse love and romance into each day you’re together.

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