Getting Married in November

Ah, November. The beauty of autumn is past, with most of the leaves off of the trees. But the stunning snow-frosted look of December isn’t here yet. That often leaves us with a gray, wet, cold, dismal kind of month.

But the Irish remind us that there’s a special charm to November.

They say:

If you wed in bleak November,

only joy will come, remember.

November is really an ideal time to get married or to celebrate anniversaries. People aren’t wound up with summer vacations. They aren’t busy with Christmas things. And they aren’t hunkered inside for the frozen months (at least for those of us who live in snowy climates).

November is usually just about right. No blizzards, no hurricanes, no spring thunderstorms. It’s just right for getting together with family and friends. It celebrates Thanksgiving, that time of year all about appreciating our blessings.

If you have an anniversary or other celebration in November, that’s wonderful!

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