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Romantic Ideas for October

October is an incredibly romantic month! The foliage, the crisp air, and just the season in general all pull on heart-strings. This is the time of year where people wear costumes. Where they do fun things just because. The stress of the holidays hasn’t arrived yet. It’s just about the perfect season.

Here are just a few ideas for romance in October!

Eat Outdoors

For many parts of the world, summer is way too hot and winter is just too cold. October is that lovely middle-ground for eating outside! If it’s frosty, sit by a campfire. If it’s too warm, find a place by a lake or ocean! Enjoy the freshly-harvested flavors of your local region.

Dress Up!

There are just SO many opportunities in October for dressing up. Stores are overflowing with costume ideas, and you can always make some yourself! You can go to a party in full costume, or you can just try something new around the house. Are you in the mood for a knight-in-shining-armor? Maybe a super hero mood? Have fun exploring your options!

Treasure your History

October leads right into many cultures celebrating their heritage and ancestry. Find ways to incorporate your own past into your fun. Do you love being part-Italian? Make an Italian-themed dinner! Are you thrilled about your history from Sweden? Buy some Swedish cookies. There are always ways to draw in aspects of what makes you uniquely you.

However you choose to celebrate October, the key part is to spend time focusing on each other. It’s that focus, attention, and time which is the most important.

Happy October!

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