Creativity Times two!

Hey there! If you tune into the Today show Wednesday June 25th, they have their final big Wedding episode – Today Show Wedding The origami cranes you see on the set are made by me!! Bob and I just drove them out to New York City today and got to see the set being constructed. It then rained after we left – I hope the little cranes held up well! In the meantime, BellaOnline’s Summer Solstice issue of our Literary Magazine is out! Enjoy our photos, drawings, stories and poetry. Summer Solstice Issue Now that you’re feeling inspired, submit a few of your own creations for our autumn issue! It’s free, widespread publicity for your projects. Your bio area can talk about whatever you want and link to a URL. 🙂

Go Green and Enjoy Spring

If there’s one thing that every culture celebrates, it’s the coming of spring, flowers, and a fresh chance of renewing your love. Take time out this spring to enjoy the natural beauties of nature. Go for a long walk at a local garden or woods. Plant a few flowers around your own home or at a community garden. It is a free way to reduce stress, reconnect with those you love and support your local community.