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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to infuse some romance into your world! Lisa Shea has written three different books to help you with every detail, from choosing flowers to creating the perfect romantic meal and selecting the right music. The books are from her Weddings & Courtships series, and offer fantastic tips, recipes, toasts, quotes and much more from the romantic cultures of Ireland, Italy and France.

Irish Horse Just what types of cheese go well with Champagne? What are the meanings of various colors of roses? What secret test will tell you if your partner will stay with you forever? The Irish, Italian and French regions are famous for their tales of love and romance. Get the perfect Irish toast for your next outing. Learn the tricks of French seduction. Find the meaning behind the sugared almond treats found at every authentic Italian wedding. Whatever your romantic aim - to become closer to that cutie at work, to celebrate at an upcoming wedding, or to revitalize a long term relationship - these books provide the answers in a fun and informative collection.

The Weddings and Courtships books are being launched on Tuesday, January 23rd! As part of this launch celebration, we're having an Amazon special. If you place your order for any of the three books before Valentine's Day (Feb 14), you can take part in ALL special offers listed below! This could easily equal hundreds of dollars in discounts. Be sure to check these websites out - all are well known friends of Lisa, and she enthusiastically endorses their wares! These women are hand making each item they offer with great skill and talent.


Weddings and Courtships in Italy

Weddings and Courtships in France

Weddings and Courtships in Ireland


Irish Ruins Eclectic Lady
Jeanne Daigle is just amazing. Her soaps are gorgeous, her lotions are gentle and very effective, her fragrances are scrumptious. I always have soaps of hers in my house and when I give them away as presents, I am deluged with compliments. Her all natural line is perfect for friends of mine with sensitive skin. Give the shea butter a try as a massage oil - your partner will thank you! Get 5% off with your order.

Chetti Designs
Chris Franchetti Michaels hand creates her own jewelry with beautiful gemwork, hand carved silver and a wealth of other materials. There is a simple elegance and adoration of nature visible in each piece. These are the types of necklaces and items that get comments everywhere you go. Get 5% off with your order using the code LOVE5.

Gardiner Design
Debi Gardiner designed the fantastic covers for the three Weddings & Courtships books - covers which bring a smile to my face every time I look at them. They are truly beautiful. She also designed my stained glass owl logo for my Minerva WebWorks LLC, which organizes all of my website projects. I can't begin to express how incredibly talented this woman is with graphics. Take a look through her website to see the plethora of logos she has created, and then have her create one of your very own for 10% off.

Diana Blake Artwork
If you've been on my RomanceClass or WeddingsandCourtships site, you've already seen the artwork of Diana Blake in my side banner ads, because I love her work so much. She is an incredibly romantic painter who creates scenes of women with musical instruments, animals, landscapes, and much more that are beautifully vibrant. These are the types of paintings that you stop at every time you pass them, to admire them. Turn your house into a warm home with your own work of art. Get 5% off when you place your order!

LC Legacy Hair Products
Lynne has been a hair stylist for many years and had practical, hands on experience with what is important in a shampoo and conditioner. It's no surprise that when she decided to create her own line of hair products that they were *superb*. Talk about beautiful, soft, manageable hair! Every product includes protein, for stronger, healthier hair. Get a 20% discount!

Terri Griffin Photography
Terri has created *gorgeous* mugs, journal books, tshirts, tote bags and much more with fantastic photography of flowers, ballet scenes, lighthouses, birds, and much more. These items are incredibly romantic gifts for those on your list! Visit the below link to see what she has - but contact her via for access to her specially discounted private website!

Fast Net Travel
Kathleen Lyons has handled several travel plans for me, and she is extremely skilled at what she does. She plans several group trips to Ireland each year, as well as helping individuals, and she knows the country inside and out. If you are at all interest in visiting this green island, be sure to talk with Kathleen about it. She is expanding into trips for France and Italy as well! Kathleen will make your trip one you will remember all your life. Be sure to mention your invoice for a discount!

LisaShea Origami
Yes, Lisa Shea is an origamist as well as a lover of romance! Every reader who buys one of her books on January 23rd will receive 2 romantic origami cranes sent via US Mail, for FREE. Just contact her via her site -

and she'll get those out to you. In addition, if you would like other origami items - flowers, a mobile, more cranes, butterfles, goldfish, she'll give you 20% off any purchase. Here is Lisa's page on her origami creations -

You're welcome to contact Lisa with any questions about her books, her websites, or about living in a romantic world. Feel free to forward this message to as many people as you wish, because everyone would love living in a romantic world!

Lisa Shea

The photos on this page were taken on one of my trips to Ireland, by me :)

Weddings and Courtships Series by Lisa Shea