Champagne Cocktail Recipes

This online collection of Champange cocktail recipes includes over 60 individual recipes, complete with photos and instructions. New Champagne cocktails are added each week!

Champagne cocktails have been enjoyed for hundreds of years, and feature in many famous movies. Here are recipes to create your own Champagne cocktails. Make any day a special day!

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A Goodnight Kiss Recipe
Agua de Valencia Recipe
Ambrosia Recipe
Arise My Love Irish Recipe
Apricot Bubbly Recipe
Atheist's Best Recipe
Bellini Recipe
Black Velvet Recipe
Blow Blue Bubbles Recipe
Blue Velvet Recipe
Bombay Bellini Recipe
Bonecrusher Recipe
Boom Boom Recipe
Buck's Fizz Recipe
Carol Channing Recipe
Champagne Cocktail Recipe
Champagne Cooler Recipe
Champagne Emerald Gem Recipe
Champagne Rita Recipe
Cherry Champagne Recipe
Cranberry Bog Champagne Recipe
CranGrape Recipe
Crystal Cocktail Champagne Recipe
D'Artagnan Champagne Recipe
DiSaronno Mimosa Champagne Recipe
Fraise Royal Recipe
Grand Champagne Martini Recipe
Green Dragon Recipe
Flirtini Recipe
French 75 Recipe
French Martini Recipe
Hemingway Recipe
Hotel California Recipe
Hula Recipe
  Lizzie Recipe
Japanese Typhoon Recipe
Jager Cocktail Recipe
June Sparkle Recipe
Kir Royale Recipe
La Vie en Rose Recipe
Mandarine Napoleon Recipe
Marilyn Monroe Recipe
Maxim's Recipe
Midori Mimosa Recipe
Mimosa Recipe
Monte Carlo Recipe
Morning Glory Recipe
Nelson's Blood Recipe
Ohio Recipe
Palais Royal Recipe
Pink California Sunshine Recipe
Player's Passion Recipe
Poinsettia Holiday Recipe
Poire William / Pear Recipe
Regatta Recipe
Ritz Fizz Recipe
Russian Berry Recipe
Southern Belle Recipe
Sparky Pepper Recipe .
Strawberry Champagne Recipe
Tangerine Dream Recipe
Texas Fizz Recipe
Thug Passion Recipe
Tomorrow We Sail Recipe
Tropical Recipe
Velvet Swing Recipe
Volcano Recipe

Recipes by Alcohol Type | Recipes by Color

French Champagne Toasts

Champagne Cocktail

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