Champagne Hemingway Recipe
Champagne Cocktail Recipe List

Feeling literary? This is the perfect cocktail for you to sip.

1/2 flute Pernod
1/2 flute Champagne

Hemingway Champagne Cocktail

Simply fill your flute halfway with Pernod, and then top off with the Champagne. Sit back with some soft music, and enjoy!

Pernod is a classic French liqueur with many herbs in it - primarily star anise. While this ends up with a licorice flavor, it doesn't actually have licorice.

Pernod is associated with absinthe, since back in 1797 it was Henri Pernod who brought absinthe into France. Absinthe is made up of absinthin - bitter, chlorophyll - the green stuff in leaves, and wormwood, which is the part that most people worry about. It is the wormwood that got absinthe banned.

Champagne Cocktail Recipes

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