Lisa Shea's Hula Recipe
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This makes you feel like you're living on a tropical island! This is the first recipe I ever "created" by myself for Champagne. I had Champagne left over after New Year's, and some pineapple juice cans. I love rum, which always seems quite tropical to me. Voila! Drink a few of these, and you're ready to hula dance around the room.

4oz Champagne
1oz rum
1oz pineapple juice

In a tall flute glass, pour in the Champagne, then the rum and pineapple juice. I highly recommend keeping the little cans around. They never go bad, and once you open one you can find 1001 uses to use it up. This is a lovely yellow drink, which is rare in the Champagne cocktail world!

Champagne Cocktail Recipes

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