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1 shot Jagermeister

JagerCocktail Champagne Cocktail

Add one shot of Jagermeister to a Champagne flute. Add in Champagne to fill. Enjoy!

The Jagermeister website talks about St. Hubertus - the patron saint of hunters. Apparently he loved hunting with his dog and rifle, and one day ran into a holy stag. He died in 727AD. Now my question is - just where did a guy in 727AD get his hands on a rifle?? I'm pretty sure rifles date to the 1600s and 1700s. Even muskets only date to the 1400s.

The name Jagermeister means "master hunter" and is an official in German culture who oversees hunting in an area.

Jagermeister (also typed as Jaegermeister since the first A has a pair of dots over it in German) has a mix of a ton of herbs, much like Chartreuse, and is orange/caramel in color. It was first put out in 1935.

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