Mandarine Napoleon Champagne Recipe
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Mandarine Napoleon is an orange flavored liqueur from Belgium. Napoleon Bonaparte was of course a famous general who was born in 1769 and took over much of Europe.

2 shots Mandarine Napoleon
1 shot orange juice

Mandarine Napoleon Champagne Cocktail

Shake Mandarine Napoleon, orange juice and ice, then strain into a Champagne flute. Add in Champagne and enjoy!

Note that I had NO luck finding Mandarine Napoleon at any wine shop near me - and it's over $80 to get it shipped in via the web (which is barely legal in my state anyway). Therefore I set out to make a "cheap" version of this. The cheap version involves $9 for the tangerine liqueur, and $13 for the Californian bubbly. So this version is only 1/5th (or less) the cost of a "real" French-Champagne-and-Belgian-liqueur version - but it's tasty!

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