Marilyn Monroe Champagne Recipe
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Marilyn Monroe was famous for her love of Champagne. She once bathed in Champagne, and many of her movies featured her drinking and enjoying Champage. It's no surprise that a Champagne cocktail recipe was named after her!

1 shot apple brandy
dash grenadine

Marilyn Monroe Champagne Cocktail

Many fruit wineries offer apple brandy, but if you don't have any, get some apple juice and mix it in with brandy. Put that in the bottom of a Champagne flute. Add in a dash of grenadine. Grenadine is a thick, sweet syrup made from ... pomegranates! Who would a thunk! It really just adds a bit of red color to the drink. Grenadine is one of those "must haves" for any bar for that reason. Anyway, then pour on the Champagne and enjoy the luxurious life!

Champagne Cocktail Recipes

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