Tomorrow We Sail Champagne Recipe
Champagne Cocktail Recipe List

If you're celebrating the start of a new project, adventure, or just a new day, here's the perfect cocktail for you!

1/2 shot LBV Port
1/2 shot dark rum
1/4 shot triple sec

Tomorrow We Sail Champagne Cocktail

Add port, rum and triple sec to a glass. Top off with Champagne, and garnish with a twist of orange.

Note that triple sec is in essence cheap Cointreau, and cheap Grand Marnier. So if you want to "up the ante", you can move up to one of those two higher end liqueurs. In my example I used Cointreau. I also went with a blueberry port rather than a straight port, to give it some additional flavor. Whatever port you enjoy is fine!

Champagne Cocktail Recipes

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