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France Book Cover

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but Debi Gardiner and I worked for weeks to ensure that the cover of my Irish Weddings and Courtships book was as accurate and evocative as possible! I am so thrilled with the results, this cover truly reflects exactly the content within.

First, the layout. The gold band across the top of the image represents the traditional gold bands of love - used in pretty much every culture since the beginning of civilization.

Next, the tricolor flag, revealed in three separate images on the main area of the book. These are the traditional colors chosen by the French Revolutionaries in 1794. The colors represent blue for history, white for hope, and red for the blood of the fallen.

For the leftmost panel, the blue, we see the gorgeous fields of lavender. France is famous for its fields of flowers, and its love of beauty. Lavender is a herb of peace and relaxation. Lavender pillows and sachets have been used for centuries to bring calm to a situation.

The center panel shows an image of the very famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. At over 1,000 feet high, when it was built in 1887 this was the tallest structure in the world. While it is no longer the tallest building, it is the most visited monument in the world.

On the right, this red-themed panel was created by Debi and me in my home. The glassware is Riedel Champagne flutes, created for the millennium. You can see the "0" in the stems. The Champagne is, of course, French, as is all true Champagne! There are red peonies from my back yard to represent the gorgeous beauty of France, and the background is a white lace dress I love. The French are well known for their love of fine wine, fine clothing and the beauty of nature.