French Weddings


Weddings and Courtships
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Ah, French Romance. There are few words that go together so well as these two. Just the thought of strolling arm in arm along the streets of Paris is enough to send many couples to begin packing for a trip. The food, the flowers, the ambiance is simply wonderful. You can bring that deliciously elegant feeling into your own world! Whether you are thinking about ideas for a date or looking to add a kick back into your life, this book as got just what you need.

Introducing French Romance

A History of French Love
~ Eleanor of Aquitaine
~ Marie de Champagne and Andreas Capellanus
~ Heloise and Abelard
~ Napoleon and Josephine

Courting and Dating, the French Way
~ A History of Dating in France
~ The Colors of France
~ French Flowers and their Meaning
~ French Music and Song
~ French Love Poetry
~ French Words and Phrases
~ Cooking Up a French Romance
~ French Wines
~ French Wine Tasting
~ French Date Ideas

Choosing a Mate
~ French Traditions of Matchmaking

A French Proposal
~ French Engagement Rings
~ Ring Finger
~ The Bridal Trousseau

French Engagement Traditions
~ Choosing a Wedding Date
~ The French Wedding Invitation
~ French Wedding Blessings
~ Frency Sayings about Marriage
~ The Night Before

A French Wedding
~ Getting to the Church
~ The Groom
~ A French Wedding Dress
~ Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
~ Church Decorations
~ The French Ceremony
~ After the Ceremony

A French Reception
~ Traditions for a Happy Marriage
~ The Garter
~ Decorations and Flowers
~ French Music and Dance
~ A French Wedding Cake
~ French Drinks and Sides
~ French Desserts
~ After the Reception

Living and Loving, the French Way
~ French Touches for your Life
~ French Hobbies
~ French Baby Names
~ French Movies

Visiting France
~ Champagne and Reims
~ Paris, city of Love
~ Bordeaux Wine Region
~ Cannes and the Beaches of Southern France
~ Monte Carlo and Monaco
~ The Canals of France

Glossary of French Terms

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