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Italian Book Cover

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but Debi Gardiner and I worked for weeks to ensure that the cover of my Italian Weddings and Courtships book was as accurate and evocative as possible! I am so thrilled with the results, this cover truly reflects exactly the content within.

First, the layout. The gold band across the top of the image represents the traditional gold bands of love - used in pretty much every culture since the beginning of civilization.

The three lower images are done in the classic colors of the Italian flag - green, white, and red. This flag traces back to 1796, when various local regions of Italy banded together to take on Napoleon. Green was for the Lombard region, while red and white stood for the Cispadane Republic. In 1948 Italy formally adopted its current flag.

The left image was taken by my mother, who adores Italy and visits there often. It is of a peaceful Italian countryside. It represents the green of the flag.

The center image was ceated by Debi and me in my home. It features a traditional basket-bottom bottle of Chianti. Chianti is perhaps one of the best known wines to come from Italy. The basket bottom would help the bottle to resist breakage, and was specifically promoted for the tourist trade. The glassware shown is the Riedel Chianti glass.

To the right, for the red color, we show a traditional gondola from Venice, moored alongside a waterfront cafe. Venice is known as the city of lovers, and this classic honeymoon location offers many romantic boat rides with classically trained singers poling you down the time-worn canals.