Italian Weddings


Weddings and Courtships
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If you've ever seen romantic Italian movies such as Much Ado About Nothing, you'll know that the land of Italy is steeped in a romantic culture. The fresh flowers, the rolling hills of green, the fresh wine and food, it all conspires to send your heart racing and your blood pumping. My book helps you capture the magic of Italian romance! Whether you're planning out your first date or seeking to add a spark into a long term relationship, we are here to help!

Introducing Italian Romance

A History of Italian Love
~ Cupid
~ Saint Valentine
~ Anthony and Cleopatra
~ Romeo and Juliet
~ Renzo and Lucia

Courting and Dating, the Italian Way
~ A History of Dating in Italy
~ The Colors of Italy
~ Italian Flowers and their Meaning
~ Italian Music and Song
~ Italian Love Poetry
~ Italian Words and Phrases
~ Cooking Up an Italian Romance
~ Italian Wines
~ Ideas for Italian-Style Dates

Finding a Mate ~ Folklore about Future Spouses
~ The History of Choosing a Proper Spouse
~ The Process of Mate-Choosing

An Italian Proposal
~ Italian Engagement Rings
~ Proposing the Italian Way

Italian Engagement Traditions
~ The Hope Chest
~ Choosing the Wedding Date
~ The Italian Wedding Invitation
~ Italian Wedding Blessings and Sayings
~ The Matrimonium
~ The Night Before the Wedding

An Italian Wedding
~ Heading to the Church
~ Groom Wear
~ Bridal Wear
~ Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
~ Church Decorations
~ The Italian Ceremony
~ The End of the Ceremony
~ Leaving the Church

An Italian Reception
~ Traditions for a Happy Marriage
~ Decorations and Flowers
~ Italian Music and Dance
~ The Italian Wedding Feast
~ An Italian Wedding Cake
~ Coffee in Italy
~ Italian Wedding Pastries
~ Italian Toasts and Drinks
~ Italian Wedding Reception Traditions
~ After the Reception

An Italian Honeymoon

Living and Loving, the Italian Way
~ Italian Touches for your Life
~ Italian Hobbies to Enjoy
~ Italian Names and their Meaning
~ The Italian Costume
~ Italian Movies to Enjoy

Visiting Italy
~ Venice
~ Rome
~ Tuscany
~ Sicily
~ Pisa
~ Vatican City

Glossary of Italian Terms

Web Resources on Italian Romance