Italian Weddings
Italian Wedding Sayings

Weddings and Courtships

Italians have many folk sayings about weddings and marriage. As marriage is a much celebrated part of life, most speak of the importance of that bond and its power.


Il primo amore non si scorda mai.
You never forget your first love.

Bacco, tabacco e Venere riducono l'uomo in cenere
Wine, women, and tobacco can ruin a man.

In amore in guerra tutto lecito
All's fair in love and war.


Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata
Rain on a bride's wedding day is good luck.

Dio li fa e poi li accoppia.
God makes them, and then joins them.

Matrimoni e viscuvati, di lu celu su mannati.
Weddings and spiritual matters are heaven sent.

Moglie e buoi dei paesi tuoi.
Marry a woman from your own neighborhood.