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Mesa Verde Pottery There is not just one Native American culture. The new world was home to hundreds of different tribes, each with its own style of pottery, clothing, hair, romance and relationships. Some Native American tribes focussed on monogamy. Others took a more casual take on relationships and love. Some were warrior cultures. Others were focussed on the arts.

Every Native American tribe lived in a unique landscape, and stepping foot in those locations is a magical experience. When you walk through the thousand year old cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, you marvel at the culture that built the villages. When you walk along the quiet paths of the Nipmuc trail, you can imagine yourself tracking down a deer. From the quiet rivers of the Everglades to the frozen tundra of the Inuit's Alaska, every location I have visited has left me further in awe of our native ancestors.

We call these peoples the First Nation, American Indians, Native Americans, and many other names. Delve in below to learn more about the myriad of worlds which existed before the Europeans landed in the Americas.

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