Mesa Verde Colorado

Mesa Verde is a region in southwestern Colorado which was inhabited by native Americans in the years from 800AD - 1200AD. This area is full of carved canyons. It is very dry, although a tiny river snakes around in the very bottom of the canyon area.

For safety, the people of this time would look for cracks high in the canyon wall, and then build their homes into the cracks. They would either climb up the sheer walls to get to these homes, climb up woven ropes, or construct ladders.

The site is only open spring to fall, and it is GORGEOUS. Page through my photos for a virtual tour, and definitely get out to see it for yourself if you can! Here is an example. In the below picture, the arrow points at a half-moon shaped opening on the cliff face. There is an entire village of houses in there, going deep back into the face of the cliff.

Mesa Verde Cliff House

Here's another village, closer up. This image below isn't on the ground. This village is in a crack, very high up in a cliff face. Those are tree tops you see in the front area, on a steep slope.

Mesa Verde Cliff House

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The pictures on the topic of Mesa Verde Colorado for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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For more information on visiting Mesa Verde, stop by the official Mesa Verde National Park Website