Native American Movies

I adore watching movies that accurately portray Native American cultures. A well done movie about the Lakota, or the Nipmuc, or the Mohicans, can bring you to tears with the beauty of the natural landscapes, the serenity of living closely with nature, the intricacy of the ceremonies and relationships and language and culture.

Unfortunately, it seems that the most popular way for our movie culture to portray the lives of Native Americans is to take caucasian actors, slap on some red paint, toss them on horses, and have them ride whooping with hatchets at the "good cowboys" for a few minutes before they are shot down. Probably 75% of the movies I could find that involve Native American cultures and scenes are cowboys-vs-Indians movies, and it is extremely rare for there to be even one "good" Native American character in a film like that.

Even modern films fall into other problem areas. Often the Native American character is a stereotype - a silent, lone tracker whose purpose is to help the good guy track down some enemy. Think of Predator, for example. Native American = tracker. Alternately, Native Americans are shown as lazy drunkards who are used for comic relief or sympathy.

Still, I do have hope that things are slowly improving in the movie world.

Here are my listings of all Native American films I could find, along with my favorites! If you have a film that is not yet in this list, please let me know!

Native American Movie Listing by Title:
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Native American Movies
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