Native American Movies

Native Americans, also known as American Indians, have often been the "bad guys" in movies. The good cowboys go out and slaughter the bad Indians. Alternately, in movies that feature a Native American character, that character is often either a stereotypical "silent tracker" type or a heavy drinker who needs help. It's only a few movies that portray a more balanced look at the intricate life of the Native American.


Billy Jack - 1971
A green beret who is of Native American birth returns home - and runs into great bigotry.

Billy Jack Goes to Washington - 1977
Billy Jack is finally pardoned, and decides to go in and take on a new life.

Black Robe - 1991
Set in the early 1600s, this story tells of a missionary working in the wilderness of what now is eastern Canada. The missionary takes quite a while to learn what the natives are truly like, and the journey is an intriguing one to watch. Many scenes of Algonquin life and language.

Broken Arrow - 1950

Buffalo Bill and the Indians - 1976
Paul Newman is Buffalo Bill who is trying to get his side show going. He gets Sitting Bull to join in.

The Broken Chain - 1993
A story of the Iroquois fighting with the incoming settlers during Revolutionary times.

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Native American Movies
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