Native American Movies

Native Americans, also known as American Indians, have often been the "bad guys" in movies. The good cowboys go out and slaughter the bad Indians. Alternately, in movies that feature a Native American character, that character is often either a stereotypical "silent tracker" type or a heavy drinker who needs help. It's only a few movies that portray a more balanced look at the intricate life of the Native American.


Powwow Highway - 1989
A look into the relationships within a Native American community.

The Prophecy - 1995
Christopher Walken stars in this story of angels vs angels. Much of the story takes place in a Native American mining town. The only way the little girl is cured - after modern medicines have failed - is through the strong faith of the Native Americans. They perform a cleansing ritual to free her from the evil soul.

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Native American Movies
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