Native American Movies

Native Americans, also known as American Indians, have often been the "bad guys" in movies. The good cowboys go out and slaughter the bad Indians. Alternately, in movies that feature a Native American character, that character is often either a stereotypical "silent tracker" type or a heavy drinker who needs help. It's only a few movies that portray a more balanced look at the intricate life of the Native American.


War Party - 1989
A tale of reenactment - based on a battle between Blackfeet Native Americans and the US Cavalry.

Warrior Spirit - 1994
Two adventurers seek out a golden treasure.

White Comanche - 1968
A white dad and Comanche mom have twin sons - and the two lead very different lives.

Windtalkers - 1992
The Navajo Indians were famous in World War II for having a language that nobody could understand - and therefore a code that none could break.

Windwalker - 1980
The Cheyenne history is told in the words of a chief.

Winterhawk - 1976
The Blackfeet run into trouble with smallpox - and additional problems with the whites.

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Native American Movies
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