Desert Dance

Desert Dance by R. Carlos Nakai is filled with beautiful, soulful flute music which echoes with the beauty of the American Southwest. I adore this part of the world, and every time I listen to the CD I am transported there again.

Desert Dance Each song has its own personality and mood. Sometimes there is chanting, sometimes drum and rattle, and then sometimes it's simply the flute, soaring, drifting, and transporting you with its melody.

The way the flute takes on different aspects is powerful. Whenever the CD comes around to "Mountain Blue Bird Calling" my parakeet sings along, adding her voice to that of the flute. Spiral Journey could almost be French monks singing their adoration for life. Turquoise Swallows Dance brings to mind some Japanese flute work I've heard. It shows just how interconnected our world is, and how universal an adoration for music can be.

Highly recommended.

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