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Most Irish are devout Catholics, and fought fiercely against the incoming Protestant English who wanted them to renounce their faith. For this reason even pagan Irish defend the Irish Catholic traditions, because they were a rallying point for the Irish identity. The Green of Irish Catholicisim was a symbol of the Irish remaining Irish, remaining free.

Because of this, it is part of the Irish psyche to show their loyalty to God and to tradition. An Irish couple would be very aware of these issues and would never hold an event on a "holy day". Weddings are never scheduled for Christmas, which is a day to celebrate Jesus Christ. Equally, events are never scheduled during Lent, which are days for fasting and focussing on God and sacrifice.

Irish tradition has the following saying as regards setting a wedding date:

Monday for health,
Tuesday for wealth,
Wednesday the best day of all,
Thursday for losses,
Friday for crosses and
Saturday no day at all.

You note that Sunday isn't mentioned. In Irish tradition, weddings should never be held on Sunday because this is the Lord's day. The dancing and partying that happens after a wedding would not be appropriate on a Sunday.

Since Irish weddings can often stretch on for 2-3 days, you can see why the Irish aren't pleased with a wedding that starts on Friday or Saturday either! This could cause them to roll over into Sunday, which would be inappropriate.

This leaves Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as ideal days for an Irish wedding or other event. This way, if the revelry continues for a few days, you're still given plenty of time to sober up before Sunday morning dawns!

Now, in modern times, it can be pretty much impossible to hold a special event on a weekday. People cannot get time away from work to attend. We are no longer farmers and craftsmen in charge of our own schedules. If you must hold your event on a weekend, be sure to include as many traditional Irish elements as possible. That way it is not just a celebration of you as individuals, but a celebration of the tradition and meaning of the Irish culture. That will help to ensure the luck of the Irish follows you throughout your lives!

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