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My book on Irish romantic customs is intended for anybody who enjoys the Irish way of life. I have details on Irish romantic legends, on dating practices, on the wedding traditions, and on how to maintain a romantic world for your entire life. There are lots of Irish movies to watch, delicious Irish recipes to bake, Irish cocktails to enjoy, and Irish music to listen to!

Here are the table of contents, so you can get a sense of how the book helps you out no matter what stage of life you are in!

Introducing Irish Romance

A History of Irish Love
~ Conor MacNessa and Ethne
~ Queen Maeve and Aillil
~ CuChulain and Emer
~ Saint Brigid
~ Faeries and Leprechauns

Courting and Dating, the Irish Way
~ A History of Dating in Ireland
~ The Colors of Ireland
~ Irish Flowers and their Meaning
~ Irish Music and Song
~ Irish Love Poetry
~ Gaelic Words and Phrases
~ Cooking Up an Irish Romance
~ Irish Style Dates

Finding a Mate
~ Folklore about Future Spouses
~ The History of Choosing a Proper Spouse
~ The Process of Mate-Choosing

An Irish Proposal
~ Irish Engagement Rings
~ Proposing the Irish Way

Irish Engagement Traditions
~ Choosing the Wedding Date
~ The Irish Wedding Invitation
~ Irish Wedding Poetry and Blessings
~ The Night Before the Wedding

An Irish Wedding
~ Getting To the Church
~ The Irish Ceremony
~ An Irish Wedding Dress
~ The Groom
~ After the Ceremony

An Irish Reception
~ Traditions for a Happy Marriage
~ Decorations and Flowers
~ Irish Music and Dance
~ An Irish Wedding Cake
~ Irish Toasts
~ Irish Drinks
~ After the Reception

Irish Honeymoons

Living and Loving, the Irish Way
~ Irish Touches for your Life
~ Irish Hobbies to Enjoy
~ Irish Names and their Meanings
~ The Irish Costume
~ Irish Movies to Enjoy

Visiting Ireland
~ Romantic Places to Visit

Glossary of Irish Terms

Web Resources on Irish Culture

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