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Irish courtship is full of fun, dancing, singing and flirtation. An Irish lass would prepare delicious meals for her intended lover, to woo him with tantalizing aromas and the promise of years of happy meals.

This traditional Irish charm would be said by a woman as she prepared food for her man. Use this charm to bring your loved one closer to you.

The charm Mary put on the butter
is the charm for love and lasting affection:
May your body not cease
to pay me attention
may your love follow my face
as the cow follows her calf
from today till the day I die.

There are many types of traditional Irish meals you can create for your loved one. An Irish breakfast was a hearty way to begin a day. Irish tea was a relaxing break in the mid-afternoon, to enjoy quiet conversation. Experiment with a variety of recipes to learn which will become your new favorites!

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