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It's fairly challenging to find "great" movies that feature Native American themes. Mostly you're choosing the ones that are least offensive in their stereotypical information. Still, I do feel there are a few movies worth watching, despite their flaws.

A Man Called Horse - 1970
Richard Harris stars as an English man captured by the Sioux in the 1800s. Things are not "all peace and harmony" - there is violence and blood - but there is also understanding.

Dances With Wolves - 1990
Despite the stereotypes and flaws, Kevin Costner did a reasonably good job portraying the Lakota culture in this top-100 film. The movie brought the beauty of the language and the sweeping landscapes to a large audience, and spurred an interest in Native American cultures.

Last of the Mohicans - 1992
This classic tale has been remade many times. The 1992 version stars Daniel Day-Lewis in the main character of Hawkeye. The story is not authentic to the book - but in some ways that's good. The book was VERY stereotypical in its treatment of the Native Americans. The movie focusses on the fort attack - which was authentic - and on getting every detail they could of the tribes done properly.

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